C7WH3 - Lost Clicker 7 Serial Number

Applies To

  • Clicker 7


Lost Clicker 7 serial number.


The Clicker 7 serial number is printed on the back of the DVD holder that came in the original Clicker 7 package.

To obtain the Clicker 7 serial number, you have two options:

Retrieve it from a computer which has Clicker 7 installed

  1. Launch Clicker 7.
  2. In the Help ribbon tab, click About Clicker 7.
  3. Note the partial serial number that is displayed.
  4. Contact Support to retrieve the full serial number.

Ask Support to retrieve it from the registration database

If Clicker 7 is not installed, but the serial number is registered, the Support team can retrieve the serial number from the registration database.

If Clicker 7 is not installed, and the serial number is not registered, the Support team may be able to retrieve the serial number. This is not guaranteed and the software may need to be purchased again.


We recommend that all customers register their product, so the Clicker 7 serial number can be retrieved, upon request.