C7WH15 - How to activate Clicker 7 via command line

Applies To

  • Clicker 7 for Windows


Clicker 7 is installed but unactivated on multiple Windows computers. This may be due to unsuccessful automatic activation during installation, or Clicker 7 was included in a system image that was deployed to workstations.


Activation is performed by CrickActivate.exe, which is located in the Clicker 7 program folder.

You can use a logon script, Scheduled Task, Group Policy, or similar to run this program via command line on each workstation.

The following switches must be used:

-serial The serial number as it appears on the back of the DVD cover.
-silent    The activation attempt will not display any dialogs or prompts.

The following switches can be used if you have a proxy server:

-proxy    The proxy server address to use when activating over HTTP.
-user The username to use when accessing the proxy server.
-pass The password to use when accessing the proxy server.

For example, to activate Clicker 7 silently via a proxy server:

"%ProgramFiles%\Crick Software\Clicker 7\CrickActivate.exe" -serial "7XXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX"
-silent -proxy "" -user "myusername" –pass "mypassword"


Clicker 7 licensing is per computer and non-concurrent. Therefore, you will be unable to activate Clicker 7 on more computers than you have licenses for. To transfer an already activated license, Contact Support after uninstallation.