C7MH3 - Clicker Set downloads from Dropbox as a text file

Applies To

  • Clicker 7 for Mac


You are trying to download a Clicker Set file from Dropbox onto your Mac.

However, after clicking Download on Dropbox's website, the file downloads and opens as a text file.


In Finder, click the file and press Enter to start renaming it. Delete .txt from the end of the filename and then press Enter again. The file should now open in Clicker 7 when double-clicked.

To avoid this problem in future, access Dropbox's website using a different web browser (e.g. Google Chrome).

Alternatively, download and install the Dropbox app from their website. This will download your files to a synchronised folder on your Mac without changing their extensions.


This is a feature of Apple’s Safari web browser.

When Safari downloads a file it doesn’t recognise, it guesses what the file contains and adds another file extension to the end of the filename.

For example: a Sentence Set file ends in .clks. It isn’t a common file format like .jpg or .mp3, so Safari renames the file to myfile.clks.txt, making it a text file.