C6WH9 - Items missing from Clicker 6 after uninstalling Clicker 5

Applies To

  • Clicker 6 for Windows


You are experiencing problems with Clicker 6 having recently uninstalled Clicker 5. Elements are missing from the program (such as buttons not displaying their icons) or the program fails to launch.


By default, the installation wizard will uninstall Clicker 5 before attempting to install Clicker 6. Using this method to remove Clicker 5 will result in no problems.

If you chose for Clicker 5 to remain on the computer during the Clicker 6 installation and uninstalled it at a later date, you may experience the symptoms listed above. This is because the default Clicker 5 uninstaller will remove components shared between both programs. 

Reinstalling Clicker 6 will replace any items removed by the Clicker 5 uninstaller.