C6WH6 - Can I install Clicker 6 on an iPad or Android tablet?

Applies To

  • Clicker 6


You would like to use Clicker 6 on an iPad or Android tablet device.


Clicker 6 is designed for standard PCs running Windows or Mac OS X.

Tablets are designed differently. They are less powerful, have smaller screens, and are designed to be controlled by touch instead of a mouse and keyboard. Therefore, tablets run different software, known as "apps".

Typically, an app has a primary purpose that is central to its design. Additional features are included secondly, providing they do not distort the app's main purpose. An app has a neat, unobtrusive and intuitive user interface designed for touch.

Due to Clicker 6's wide range of features, it is simply too big to fit on tablets!


Due to the popularity of iPads in schools, we have created a series of Clicker Apps. Each one focuses on a particular aspect of Clicker 6. For example, the Clicker Sentences app works in a similar way to the Sentence Building wizard in Clicker 6.

To learn more about the Clicker Apps, hover over Products at the top of this page, and choose Clicker Apps.


Currently, we do not create apps for Android.

Unlike iPads, there are many types of Android devices, which all run different variations of Android. This makes it difficult to provide the same, consistent, high quality experience on Android like we do on iPads.

Windows tablets

Clicker 6 can run on tablets that run a desktop version of Windows, such as Windows 7 or Windows 8. However, it cannot run on tablets that run Windows RT. Although Windows RT resembles Windows 8, it can only run apps from the Windows App store, and cannot run standard PC software.