C6WH25 - How do I transfer licenses?

Applies To

  • Clicker 6


You no longer wish to use Clicker 6 on some (or all) of the computers that currently have it installed.


To transfer an activated Clicker 6 license from one computer to another, please follow the License Transfer Procedure below:

  1. Visit the following website and enter your Clicker 6 serial number:


    If it is not already registered, please register it before continuing.

  2. Uninstall Clicker 6 from the current computer(s).

  3. Email the Support team (support@cricksoft.com), stating that you have uninstalled Clicker 6 from the computer(s) and that you wish to transfer the license(s). Please include your Clicker 6 serial number.

  4. We will email you back to confirm when the license(s) have been transferred. You can then proceed to install Clicker 6 onto other computer(s) using the same Clicker 6 serial number.

Clicker 7 users can transfer licenses themselves by visiting our Product Activation & Management website.