C6WH22 - How do I change Clicker 6's pronunciation of a word on Windows?

Applies To

  • Clicker 6 on Windows


A word is pronounced incorrectly when read aloud by Clicker 6.


Clicker 6 features speech feedback, made possible by utilising the latest "text to speech" engines developed by Acapela. Due to the immensely complicated nature of text to speech technology, it is possible that a speech engine might pronounce a word differently than expected.


If this occurs, you can teach the speech engine the correct pronunciation using Acapela's own Lexicon Editor tool.

To access this tool, browse to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Crick Software\TextToSpeech8 and run the file named DicoEdit. If your version of Windows is 64bit, choose Program Files (x86) rather than Program Files.

  1. Select the relevant speech engine from the top drop-down list.

  2. Your changes can be applied to one speech engine, or to all speech engines of the same language. Check the relevant checkbox in the middle list.

    For example, in Clicker 6 UK, checking UKEnglish will apply the changes to both the Rachel22k_HQ and Graham22k_HQ speech engines.

  3. Start by entering your word into the first box and click the play arrow icon. The current translation will appear in the second box below.

  4. You can alter the phoneme translation to your liking using the Phonetic Map as a guide (click the ABC icon). Click the translation box's play arrow icon to hear it spoken. Alternatively:

       a) Spell your word phonetically in the first box and click play
       b) Copy the displayed contents of the translation box
       c) Clear both boxes and spell your word correctly in the first box
       d) Paste the copied translation into the translation box. 

  5. Click the green tick icon to save the new translation for that word. Click the Save icon from the top (third one along, not the one with ‘AS’ on it) to save all your changes.