C6WH21 - Clicker 6 has detected that there is a problem with SAPI5

Applies To

  • Clicker 6 for Windows


When launching Clicker 6, you receive this error message:
Clicker 6 has detected that there is a problem with SAPI5.
This will stop all speech from working, please contact Crick Software Technical Support


Please take the following steps to resolve the problem you are having:

  • Log onto the computer as an Administrator.
  • Uninstall Clicker 6.
  • Uninstall all other Text to Speech (TTS) software.
  • Install Clicker 6.
  • Test Clicker 6.
  • If it launches correctly, install the rest of the TTS programs one at a time, testing Clicker 6 after each one.

If the issue persists after completing these instructions, please contact us.


The SAPI5 framework is part of Windows and is utilised by all speech engines.

When Clicker 6 launches, it tries loading all speech engines on the computer. This includes third-party speech engines, as well as those included with Clicker 6. The SAPI5 error message indicates that there was a problem doing this.

The problem could be caused by a faulty third-party speech engine, or by leftover registry entries from programs that did not uninstall properly, such as Clicker 5, Co:Writer, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and Textease.

The more Text to Speech (TTS) software that is installed on the computer, the greater the chances of this issue occurring.