C6WH20 - Using Widgit Symbols with Clicker 6

Applies To

  • Clicker 6


You wish to use Widgit Symbols within Clicker 6. 


Two symbol packs are available

There are two Widgit symbol packs available - the Widgit Metafile Collection by Widgit and our own Widgit Symbols for Clicker. Both of these packs contain individually named files in common image formats that other programs can recognise.

A benefit of our own pack is that the symbols are immediately accessible within Clicker 6 as soon as it is installed. Otherwise, you will be required to manually register the Widgit Metafile Collection as a Media Library within Clicker 6 before they can be accessed.

Click the links below for more information:

Widgit Symbols for Clicker - UK

Widgit Symbols for Clicker - US

Widgit Metafile Collection 

I already have Widgit symbols!

You may already possess software that contains Widgit symbols, such as Symwriter. Most of the time, these symbols will only be licensed for use with the program they came with and cannot be used in other software. Software developers often enforce this by saving the symbol sets in a unique proprietary file format that cannot be read by other programs. Crick Software and Widgit therefore recommend that you purchase one of the above Widgit symbol packs in order to use the symbols freely among all your applications.

If you have an older version of the Widgit Metafile Collection, you may find that pictures do not appear in Clicker 6 after having registered the location as a Media Library. This will likely be due to images being in an old image format such as .WMF or .EMF, which are not supported by Clicker 6. If this is the case, you can contact Widgit about the possibility of upgrading your version of their symbol set to the newest one that contains .JPG and .PNG files.