C6WH14 - How to activate Clicker 6 via Command Line

Applies To

  • Clicker 6 for Windows


Clicker 6 is installed but unactivated on multiple Windows computers. This may be due to unsuccessful automatic activation during installation, or Clicker 6 was included in a system image that was deployed to workstations.


Activation is performed by CrickActivate.exe, which is present in the Clicker 6 program folder. This can be run from a command line to activate Clicker 6. The following switches can be used:

-online This switch is required.
-serial The serial number as it appears on your license. This switch is required.
-silent The activation attempt will not display any dialogs or prompts.
-proxy The proxy server address to use when activating over HTTP.
-user The username to use when accessing the proxy server.
-pass The password to use when accessing the proxy server.

For example, to activate Clicker 6 silently via a proxy server:

"%ProgramFiles%\Crick Software\Clicker 6\CrickActivate.exe" -online -serial "6XXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX" -silent -proxy "" -user "myusername" –pass "mypassword"


We recommend creating a Scheduled Task to run this command line on your computers, because it can be set to run once at boot (or on logon) with Administrator privileges (required to save results to the Registry). The task can then be removed after all the computers have been activated.

Clicker 6 licensing is per computer and non-concurrent. Therefore, you will be unable to activate Clicker 6 on more computers than you have licenses for. To transfer an already activated license, Contact Support after uninstallation.