C6WH2 - Using different fonts in Clicker 6

Applies To

  • Clicker 6


You wish to use a particular font throughout Clicker 6.


Clicker 6 offers a variety of ways for students to use their preferred font style.

  • Choose the font of a cell in Edit Mode from the Font drop-down box in the Appearance tab of the Editing Toolbar.

  • Choose the font that is written in the Document by clicking the ABC icon and selecting one from the Font drop-down box.

  • You can specify the default font that is used when creating a Document.

    Open the Options menu, select User Preferences and choose a font style from the Default Font drop-down box. This will also affect the default font of text boxes.

  • Clicker 6 can display all text within any Document or Clicker Set as a particular font without having to change them.

    Open the Options menu and select User Access. On the Display tab, check the relevant checkbox(es) and select your desired font from the drop-down box(es).