Clicker 6 Release 4

  1. A new Pictures Used folder in the Media tab and Picture Browser enables you to re-use pictures from the current Clicker Set. This is particularly useful in wizards:

    - if you have created an activity but want to change the options

    - if you want to create a different activity using the same pictures

  2. Videos can now be added to cells.

  3. A new right-click menu in Explorer enables you to create and rename folders.

  4. Shortcuts can now be used in the Media tab and Picture Browser, so you can browse to pictures in a network location.

  5. No to all button added in Do you want to save changes? dialog when closing multiple Clicker Sets.

  6. Enable a cell to be set to open a simplified, switch accessible Print dialog (new option in the Open tab of the Cell. Properties ribbon).

  7. It is now possible to copy and paste Grids\pages to a different Clicker Set (and you can drag them between two instances of Clicker 6).

  8. It is now possible to save templates into the _Resources\Templates folder, so they will appear in the Templates list when making a new Clicker Set.

  9. Sentence building wizard now auto-capitalizes the beginning of the sentence.

  10. Instant pictures now work for two-word phrases.

  11. A number of small issues have been fixed related to switch accessibility.

  12. Support added for Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion). Support for OS X 10.5 (Leopard) has been dropped.