CDCWH8 - Can Clicker Docs be used in public sessions?

Applies To

  • Clicker Docs for Chromebook


You would like to use Clicker Docs during a public session.


Public sessions are a feature of Google Domains.

A public session lets someone use a Chromebook without needing to sign into a Google account.

They can be thought of as a universal guest account with no password.


Unfortunately, this isn't possible. You must be signed into a Google account to use Clicker Docs.

Otherwise, two major problems occur:

  • Authentication - without a Google account, it's impossible for Clicker Docs to link you to the subscription that you've purchased.

  • File saving - without a Google account, you can't save files to Google Drive. This poses a problem because all data is lost when a public session ends.

Information for Google Admins

While it's possible to add Clicker Docs to the Force-installed Apps and Extensions section of the Public Session Settings in the Google Admin Console, the app won't actually install if a public session starts.

This is because Clicker Docs is not flagged as a kiosk app (like most packaged apps on the Chrome Web Store).