CCMWH4 - How do I download additional symbols in Clicker Communicator?

Applies To

  • Clicker Communicator for iPad


You would like to know how to download additional symbols in Clicker Communicator.


Please take the following steps to download additional symbol libraries in Clicker Communicator as in-app purchases:

  1. On the iPad, open Clicker Communicator.
  2. At the top, tap the black and white icon to show the hidden toolbar.
  3. On the toolbar, tap Settings (cog icon) > Symbols > Download a Library.
  4. To purchase a library, tap Buy.
  5. To download an already purchased library, tap Restore.

Any libraries you download are linked to your Apple ID account.


This can only be done in the Clicker Communicator SymbolStix edition.