CCMWH1 - How do I change the language in Clicker Communicator?

Applies To

  • Clicker Communicator for iPad


You would like to change the language settings for Clicker Communicator, as the Predictor, User Interface and Examples are set to the wrong language.


Clicker Connect can be set to British English or American English.

The language used is determined by the Clicker Communicator preferences set within your iPad's Settings.

The Language setting determines the language used for the User Interface and the Predictor.

The Resources determines the content of the examples folder, and the default LearningGrids site.

The voice in Clicker Communicator is initially determined by your iPad's Language Settings.

To change the voice:

  1. Tap the Settings Spanner/Wrench icon and then Speech.
  2. Tap Voice and select the language you want to use.

The correct settings are as follows:

UK English:

Language: British English

Region Format: UK

Voice: Rachel

US English:

Language: American English

Region Format: North America

Voice: Heather


Language: British English

Region Format: Australia & New Zealand

Voice: Tyler