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Clicker Phonics is a complete phonics programme that provides a firm foundation for reading and writing, taking children from the first steps of discriminating environmental sounds right up to systematic synthetic phonics.

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Build phonics skills systematically

Powered by Clicker, Clicker Phonics first develops speaking and listening skills and phonological awareness. Having built this foundation, it then presents a programme of systematic phonic work. The Clicker Phonics resources are an easy yet incredibly powerful way to use ICT to support all your 3 to 6 year olds, plus older pupils who are struggling with reading and writing.

Develop listening skills

The two Get Ready CDs (Sounds Around and Noisy Bears) develop listening skills through a range of fun activities. Children must listen carefully and learn to discriminate between sounds – the difference between a dog's bark and a cow's moo, a baby's cry and children's laughter. Children also develop their speaking skills as they record their own sounds.

Raise phonological awareness

The Get Set stage consists of Rhyme Time and Alphabet Animals, both packed with activities that get children tuned into the sounds of language by teaching them to focus on patterns in words and to differentiate between their sounds. Children develop a strong phonological awareness by working with rhyme and alliteration.

Give a thorough grounding in synthetic phonics

The Lets Go stage includes the Sounds and Letters and Read and Write titles, which follow the most up-to-date recommendations for phonics teaching. Engaging activities build children's fluency in hearing, saying, reading and writing the 42 phonemes, all introduced in the recommended order. As their skills develop, children are taught how to decode unknown words by working out the phonemes and blending them to read the word.

Use on Windows or Mac computers

Clicker Phonics works on all modern Windows and Mac computers with Clicker 7 or Clicker 6 installed.
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